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Auto Saftey Equipment

Below are auto safety accident avoidance equipment/options you can find as on today's vehicles.


(A) ANTI-LOCK BRAKES: pulse braking system to prevent skids.

(B) TRACTION CONTROL: detects if a wheel slips during a period of acceleration and compensates by adjusting throttle and braking system to maintain wheel/tire contact with the road surface.

(C) TIRE PRESSURE WARNING: a dash board warning device that alerts the vehicle operator that low tire pressure is present.

(D) ELECTRONIC STABILITY CONTROL: automatic system that helps provide stability to keep vehicle on the intended course chosen by the vehicle operator.

(E) RUN-FLAT TIRES: tires that do not blow out hence adding to the drivers ability to control the vehicle.

(F) COLLISION AVOIDANCE SYSTEMS: warns the operator that an object may exist in the path of the vehicle when the opertor is backing the vehicle. Some systems incorporate an additional warning system that warns the operator that the vehicle may be straying out of it lane. Other systems are available with a warning to the operator that another vehicle is in the operator's blind spot. Finally, some systems incorporate adaptive cruise control. This is a device that helps the operator maintain a safe distance between moving vehicles.

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