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Spring and Summer Lawns

If you are looking forward to a lawn that enhances your home, here are some lawn care tips that may help:

(1) rain and weather obviously affect grass growth. You should mow often enough that you do not remove more than 1/3 of the standing grass blade. For example, a 3 inch lawn should be cut at 4 inch height.

(2) Mower blades require frequent sharpening. A dull blade will tear grass.

(3) If you are going to water your lawn, allow the water to run for at least 30 minutes to allow the water to penetrate the soil several inches. Shorter than 30 minutes of watering promotes shallow root growth.

Below are some recommended heights of cuts for differing grass types:

Bentgrass 1.0"

Kentucky Bluegrass 2.0"-3.0"

Bermudagrass 1.0"-1.5"

Fescues and Ryegrass 2.5"-3.0"