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Home Safety Check List

The following is a partial home saftely check list. Please look over the list to see if any item may be of a concern to you:

(1) Are tools and toys kept in their place.

(2) Storage areas kept clear of waste and trash.

(3) Do you use a step stool or step ladder to reach high places.

(4) Are poisons marked and stored where children can't reach them.

(5) Do you dry your hands before touching an electrical switch?

(6) Keep stairs clear.

(7) Keep closets and floors neat.

(8) Know where the fuse box or circuit breaker box is located.

(9) Every sleeping area and level of a home is equipped with a smoke detector.

(10) The house number is visable from the street by emergency responders.

(11) Gasoline is kept in an approved safety container, preferably stored in a locked garage or storage shed.

(12) Electrical cords are not damaged and are properly used.

(13) Have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, laundry, and on each level of the home and know how to use the fire extinguisher.

(14) No combustible materials are stored near cooking areas or heating appliances.

(15) Fire place is equipped with a proper screen and fireplace ashes are properly disposed of.

(16) Lint collector on the clothes dryer is inspected and cleaned before each use.

(17) Test your smoke detectors monthly and replace the batteries when daylight savings time changes each spring and fall.

(18) Never leave cooking food unattended.

(19) Have a family developed, and family practices Emergency Escape Plan and Family Meeting Place after the emergency evacuation.