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U.S.Health-Care Quality is the same as Cuba?

Dennis Prager of Real Clear Politics has written an excellent article entitled Why Liberals Think U.S. Health Care is Inferior.

Prager writes: "If you believe that Americans have lousy health care, it is probably not because you have experienced inferior heath care. It is probably because you were told America has lousy health care."

Prager goes on to explains headlines, regarding health-care in the mainstream media, are currently written as '-- the issue is clear: America is rated as having the worst health care "again." '

The article makes an excellent case study of a Reuters report. From headline through the body of the article, Prager points out that the report is agenda based yet the reader is never alerted.

Then Prager points out an even more egregious example of the mainstream media reporting on a 2000 United Nations World Health Organization ranking the U.S. #37 in health-care with #39 being Cuba.

Please take a moment and read Dennis Prager's article as headlines may well be agenda driven rather than non-biased factual reporting when health-care is the subject matter. Link provided below:

http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2010/06/29/if _you_believe_america_has_lousy_health_care_heres_why__1 06136.html